Book 1

      Some are born heroes. Some are turned into ones.

     Jaden had only known war and sacrifice throughout his life. Being the heir to a kingdom that is falling apart he had never seen any other fate but to fight and die for his people. But when the enemy he faces seems to have come from one’s worst nightmare, when he knows that they don’t stand a chance against such malevolent, brutal force Jaden needs to make the most difficult choice – run and save himself or stay and die.

      His unshakable resolve falters when he meets the girl from his visions. As his future wife-to-be and her sister arrive in Roder for a rushed wedding, Jaden finds himself at a crossroad. He is torn between duty and love, forced to choose between what is best for his kingdom and what is best for his heart.

    He is betrayed by his own flesh and blood in the midst of the most crucial moment of their lives. With the darkness stretching its deadly claws further, the magic is waking up.

      The time for reckoning has come. The Third Shadow War is starting.

Book 2

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